Digitalization and optimization process for a real estate agency

Design and development of a custom website with management portal and 3rd party software integration for Smartbrokers




Website Development

Software Development

API integration


Product Strategy

Time frame

16 weeks


SmartBrokers is a real estate agency with 15 years of experience in the market. In their current situation, website was playing a crucial resource for generating leads since all the listings of homes were shown there. Moreover, the internal team process of working was not efficient and a lot of the tasks were time consuming and repetitive. Since, the online real estate market is saturated with fake listings and unreliable brokers, we sat down together and find bottlenecks in their process that we could improve. To bring trust and generate more leads online, we've redesign their old website completely. To decrease the repetitive tasks internally, we've connected a third party real estate software to the website and built a custom management portal for the team to be able to update all the listings and content on the website.

As a result, our custom development and optimization for Smartbrokers has helped the company achieve:

  • 34% increase in user retention
  • 27% in conversion rate
  • 97% speed performance on the website according to Google speed check
  • 20% increased efficiency for managing project listings

Our worry-free process

In 5 steps we ship new digital products.
Tried, tested, optimised

Discovery session

In this step, we will run a workshop to define the scope of the project, the goals we want to achieve, the problem we solve, features and bottlenecks within the process.
By the end of the day, we will have a clear action plan and insights into what we have to deliver in the upcoming weeks.

UX/UI Research and Design

Our designers will start mapping out the wishes and needs of the users in a low-fidelity wireframes, followed by an information architecture and a UX journey. If needed, we will test hypothesis with potential customers to validate our idea and involve the stakeholders.To make it even more tangible, we will create a clickable prototype to test processes and gather feedback.
By the end of this step, you will receive a hi-fi UX/UI designs in a prototype to visualize your new website.

Agile development

Once the designs are approved by you, we start with the development process. We work agile, which means you will receive a working part of your digital product every two weeks. In that way, we can receive feedback and make adjustments fast.
By the end of this step, we will present you with newly built features in a testing environment.

QA and migration

To guarantee the quality of the digital product, our team is performing testing and resolves final performance updates. We let you try the product yourself, check user-friendliness, connect all links, API integrations and go over the checks careful.
By the end of this process, we will be able to finalize the digital product and transfer all information to you.

Step 5

Launching day

Congratulations! Your new digital solution is ready!
Spread the news, impress your users and use easily. We will provide additional support and maintenance to keep the users happy and make improvements for optimal performance and growth.

Tools we master

For our work, we use the best-in-class tools to provide a seamless customer experience.
+20 more integrations

After / Before

The outcome

In 16 weeks, we were able to deliver outstanding website for Smartbrokers with custom portal to manage all listings and content on the platform.

The website consisted of 10 pages with a powerful search engine to help users find relevant listings faster. The filters helped narrowing down the search results, while pre filled tags helped the user with one click to find what he is looking for.

As most of the users were coming from Facebook and Google Ads on mobile, responsiveness was vital for the website to increase retention rate and generate more leads. Also, showcasing the team and using persuasive copywriting techniques helped the company bring more trust for their brand and loyalty from their customers. Helping a family getting a key for a new home and showing gratitude was all Smartbrokers wanted to achieve. And the website was their online presence in front of potential customers.

We become the go-to-partners for Smartbrokers and we were extremely happy to help the team position as an innovative and trustworthy company in the real estate sector.

Visit the live website and experience the final outcome:

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