How we have designed a complex event management platform with simple and interactive user experience

Product strategy & UX/UI Design for Conference Compass


Conference Compass


UX/UI design

Product Strategy

Time frame

2-4 weeks

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Conference Compass is an early stage startup on a mission to revolutionize the event industry by bringing an interactive online platform for live, virtual and hybrid events. The team came to Born Digital Studio with just an idea and left with a complete design system, responsive UX/UI designs and a clickable prototype to showcase the whole user journey and raise investment for series A.

To tackle this challenge, we started with several online workshops to define product scope, features and timelines of the project. The platform has a quite complex processes allowing event organizers, users and exhibitors to use the product with multiple user roles. For each user role, we have mapped out the journey and provided a step-by-step process. After the prioritization of features and mapping out the process, we could start with the high-level wireframes to test hypothesises. This allowed us to understand user behaviour and confirm assumptions before we continue with the process.

Once we had the wireframes ready, we started building a custom design system in Figma and setup the essentials in UX/UI design process. This allowed us to deliver consistency across the product and save time in the future using auto layouts and variants. To vizualize the product, we designed pixel perfect and responsive UX/UI design mockups for each user flow and feature. In total we had more than 300 different designed screens combined in a clickable prototype.

Our worry-free process

In 5 steps we ship new digital products.
Tried, tested, optimised

Discovery session

In this step, we will run a workshop to define the scope of the project, the goals we want to achieve, the problem we solve, features and bottlenecks within the process.
By the end of the day, we will have a clear action plan and insights into what we have to deliver in the upcoming weeks.

UX/UI Research and Design

Our designers will start mapping out the wishes and needs of the users in a low-fidelity wireframes, followed by an information architecture and a UX journey. If needed, we will test hypothesis with potential customers to validate our idea and involve the stakeholders.To make it even more tangible, we will create a clickable prototype to test processes and gather feedback.
By the end of this step, you will receive a hi-fi UX/UI designs in a prototype to visualize your new website.

Agile development

Once the designs are approved by you, we start with the development process. We work agile, which means you will receive a working part of your digital product every two weeks. In that way, we can receive feedback and make adjustments fast.
By the end of this step, we will present you with newly built features in a testing environment.

QA and migration

To guarantee the quality of the digital product, our team is performing testing and resolves final performance updates. We let you try the product yourself, check user-friendliness, connect all links, API integrations and go over the checks careful.
By the end of this process, we will be able to finalize the digital product and transfer all information to you.

Step 5

Launching day

Congratulations! Your new digital solution is ready!
Spread the news, impress your users and use easily. We will provide additional support and maintenance to keep the users happy and make improvements for optimal performance and growth.

Tools we master

For our work, we use the best-in-class tools to provide a seamless customer experience.
+20 more integrations

After / Before

The outcome

The end result is an interactive clickable prototype for three user roles with pixel-perfect UX/UI designs, responsive components and a design system in Figma. This has allowed the company to start developing and attract investors for their early stage startup. In total, we were able to complete the project in 2-4 weeks.

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