Providing a seamless experience for Acme's users allowing them to manage all projects and inquiries using customer portal

Design and development of a custom website integrated with a real estate software and management portal for Acme




Web development

Software Development

API integration


Time frame

12 weeks


Acme is a leading construction company for new buildings providing innovative smart homes to thousands of people. The founder came to us with a request to design a new website and integrate it with a 3rd party software so they can easily manage projects, update customers on the progress of their buildings and provide a seamless user experience.

We rolled out the project with a discovery session to map out the process and issues we were trying to solve. At that time, the company had only a website and used an external real estate software for managing their projects. However, these two were not integrated which meant that everything had to be done manually so they can update content on the website and inform users of the progress. Moreover, their website was outdated and not easy to use which frustrated users to search for information there.

Our goal was to design and develop a new custom website for Acme, integrated with 3rd party software via API allowing the data to flow seamlessly and build a custom management portal for their team so they can update project content and customer information.

We applied our 5 step process and started to map out the database architecture, connecting all the fields one-by-one and creating a diagram where we could easily see what happens in every stage of the process. Since there are a lot of data to display about the projects, we had to group it and structure it in a easily understandable way so users can find out what they are looking for easily. Our designers came with impressive wireframes, followed by impressive clickable prototype which was presented to the management team of Acme. After the approval of the design, we moved to front-end development and back-end processes. Our developers worked synchronically and in less than a month we were able to create the database structure and connect it with the front-end. The API integration went really smooth from the first time so the team was able to start building the final part of the product - the management portal.

The idea of this project was to have one source of truth which turned out to be the management portal. This is where the team is able to manage project information, update customers digitally and display new information on the website. This saved so much time for the team as this process before Born Studio was purely manual work.

In 12 weeks, we were able to launch a fully custom automated solution for Acme's team giving them more control and efficiency in the company.

Our worry-free process

In 5 steps we ship new digital products.
Tried, tested, optimised

Discovery session

In this step, we will run a workshop to define the scope of the project, the goals we want to achieve, the problem we solve, features and bottlenecks within the process.
By the end of the day, we will have a clear action plan and insights into what we have to deliver in the upcoming weeks.

UX/UI Research and Design

Our designers will start mapping out the wishes and needs of the users in a low-fidelity wireframes, followed by an information architecture and a UX journey. If needed, we will test hypothesis with potential customers to validate our idea and involve the stakeholders.To make it even more tangible, we will create a clickable prototype to test processes and gather feedback.
By the end of this step, you will receive a hi-fi UX/UI designs in a prototype to visualize your new website.

Agile development

Once the designs are approved by you, we start with the development process. We work agile, which means you will receive a working part of your digital product every two weeks. In that way, we can receive feedback and make adjustments fast.
By the end of this step, we will present you with newly built features in a testing environment.

QA and migration

To guarantee the quality of the digital product, our team is performing testing and resolves final performance updates. We let you try the product yourself, check user-friendliness, connect all links, API integrations and go over the checks careful.
By the end of this process, we will be able to finalize the digital product and transfer all information to you.

Step 5

Launching day

Congratulations! Your new digital solution is ready!
Spread the news, impress your users and use easily. We will provide additional support and maintenance to keep the users happy and make improvements for optimal performance and growth.

Tools we master

For our work, we use the best-in-class tools to provide a seamless customer experience.
+20 more integrations

After / Before

The outcome

By the end of this project, we were able to launch a seamless integration between a custom built website, management portal and 3rd party software.

Some of the features and outcomes we've included in this version are:

  • Custom website platform
  • Management portal for the internal team
  • 3rd party API integration with a software
  • A back-end logic for displaying all apartments, floors in a building and amenities

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